ur mission is to provide natural resource managers with professional, cost effective services of the highest quality.

RW Forestry Inc. is an established natural resource consulting company that provides Tree Improvement, Forest Management Planning and Renewal Support Services to clients in Ontario's north.

The staff at RW Forestry has been providing forest management planning support to Resolute FP Canada Inc. for over 10 years. The company has been involved in liaising with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources across multiple districts and multiple SFLs. In addition, RW Forestry has provided support services in preparation for Independent Forest Audits and Forest Certification Audits, both SFI and FSC.

RW Forestry staff has kept current to legislation, processes and guideline changes by attending all FMP update training sessions and compliance handbook refresher sessions. As well as Stand and Site Guide field training sessions.

Furthermore, RW Forestry completes harvest boundary / road location marking and certified compliance inspections for several harvesting contractors.

If you would like to know more about RW Forestry Inc please contact us we would be glad to  hear from you!