ur mission is to provide natural resource managers with professional, cost effective services of the highest quality.

RW Forestry Inc. has the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively manage Ontario’s Forests.  From forest management planning to full service silviculture programs to free-to-grow what sets us apart is our experience in nearly every aspect of the forest industry from the ground up. We use our diverse knowledge to our clients’ advantage in each service we offer.  As an example, RW’s experience has shown us the tremendous positive impact a well managed and properly documented silviculture program has on the preparation of a subsequent years’ Annual Report and, in turn, the outcomes of a future Independent Forest Audit.  This can only be accomplished by an organization that is appropriately sized, highly communicative, and possessing a staff that is not shy to use everyone within the company as a resource when important decisions are made.  

We work on the philosophy of knowledge sharing and each of our current full-time staff tries to be as interchangeable as possible which makes for well rounded and highly efficient foresters.

 >Forest Management Planning

The staff at RW Forestry Inc has provided forest management planning support for over a decade. As with everything we do, we provide quality professional experience that meets our clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations. We currently prepare Annual Work Schedules, Annual Reports and provide consultation on Forest Management Plans on five Crown forests in Northwestern Ontario. Our services include full support and/or the preparation of:

* Forest Management Planning, including the preparations of FMP amendments

* Annual Work Schedules, including the preparations of AWS revisions

* Annual Reports

* Herbicide Project Plans

* Low Complexity Burn Plans

* Forest Fire Prevention & Preparedness Plans

* Independent Forest Audits

* Forestry Futures Trust Applications

>Renewal Support Services

Renewal and silviculture hold a special place at RW Forestry. For most of us, silviculture is where our forestry experience began. One of our core beliefs is that the sustainability of Ontario’s forests depends on a prompt, efficient and effective renewal program. To that end, we believe in a “boots-on-the-ground” approach to silviculture that begins with a post-harvest survey and ends only when the stand is free-to-grow. RW Forestry Inc. has the skills, knowledge and expertise to properly prescribe silviculture treatments, manage projects, budgets and spatial data. We currently manage silviculture programs from start to finish on five Sustainable Forest Licenses (SFLs) across Northwestern Ontario.  Simply due to the geographic scope of these operations RW Forestry has the privilege of working with a diverse group of professionals within the forest industry as well as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR). This creates a collective wealth of knowledge within our organization upon which we base our decisions - the ultimate beneficiary of this knowledge is our clients.

Below is a sample of what we can provide for your renewal program:  

* Post-harvest surveys and silviculture prescriptions

* Spatial and aspatial silviculture program analysis

* Regeneration condition surveys

* Free-to-Grow assessments

* Silviculture budgeting/scheduling

* Project supervision including, but not limited to, tree plant, site preparation, seeding, pre- commercial thinning & herbicide tending

* Seed and seedling ordering

* Seed orchard management

* Silviculture contract tendering, proposal assessment and awarding 

>Compliance Inspections

RW Forestry Inc. has conducted forest operations inspections on the Black Spruce, Caribou, Crossroute, Dog River-Matawin and English River Forests, thus spanning multiple OMNR districts. Within our team there are four certified forest operations compliance inspectors, with over 20 years of combined experience, who are actively involved in completing inspections for multiple RW Forestry Inc. clients.

Our inspections are thorough and take into account all applicable laws and guidelines.

>GPS Boundary Marking

At RW Forestry we take our boundary marking very seriously. We invest time preparing before heading to the field. This preparation includes:

* The production of custom map products that utilize imagery and stand inventory information whenever possible; 

* Familiarizing ourselves with the applicable area of concern (AOC) prescriptions; 

* Loading and inspecting maps on our handheld GPS units.

Our staff has thousands of kilometers of layout experience in all types of terrain and conditions, and we have the resources to rapidly mobilize our staff for quick, accurate, and effective layout.

>Licensed Wood Scaling

Under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act in Ontario, no person can remove harvested Crown forest resources (trees) from the place of harvest unless they have been measured. We at RW Forestry have you covered regardless of the type of wood, its size, whether it is measured prior to harvesting, has been felled, skidded and piled, or whether it is in its final product stage. 

>GIS/GPS, Mapping & Database Services

RW Forestry Inc. offers a suite of GIS/GPS, mapping and database services. Our knowledge, skills and services extend to:

o Data management

o GPS data collection

o Database creation and maintenance


o ArcView

o ArcGIS & Associated Extensions

o Python, AML, Oracle, ModelBuilder & VB

o SILVITRACS SPS & Truckbase Data Processing & Mapping


o MapWel – Custom GMP Mapping

o Pathfinder Office, DNR Garmin & Garmin MapSource GPS software

* Digital imagery analysis and interpretation

>Map Products

o Custom maps to clients’ specifications


RW Forestry Inc. can provide numerous other forestry services including, but not limited to:

* Preparation and support of forest resource licensing

* Crown land permitting and approvals

* Forest access road layout

* Timber cruising

* Creation of health and safety policy and program