This is what a few people had to say about RW Forestry...

"The environment in which we conduct business is challenging and ever-changing.  As such we need a renewal support organization that is productive, cost-effective, flexible and creative in finding solutions.  RW Forestry has been, and continues to be, all of these things."

John Lawson
Renewal and Information Manager Ontario
Resolute Forest Products - Thunder Bay

"As a new First Nations company taking on the forest management responsibilities for the Sapawe Forest, we had to start on the "run" without an infrastructure in place and at the start of the busy summer season. WIthout the support of RW Forestry we would not have been able to make it through the transitional challenges and to meet our commitments with the MNR. RW Forestry has consistently been responsive and adaptable to my countless requests and questions, has maintained a positive working relationship with the MNR and has provided expertise, guidance and creative options to assist me in making informed and effective decisions.

I would highly recommend RW Forestry due to their extensive experience, broad based knowledge, adaptability and positive working relationship that achieves desired results within required timelines."

John Bagacki
General Manager

Rainy Lake Tribal Resource Management Inc.

"As a Forester, one of my tasks is to ensure harvest boundaries are marked in the field prior to start up. I have often relied on RW Forestry's expert GPS services to complete large areas, in a short amount of time. The professional staff understand the complexity of forestry values and are able to identify and protect these values in the field ahead of our operations. I will continue to utilize RW Forestry's service and highly recommend RW Forestry for any of your operational needs."

John Nickle
Marcri Logging Inc. / Renewable Forest Products Inc.

"MNR is always looking for high quality private consultants to assist in the delivery of provincial wide government programs and RW Forestry Inc. filled that role. RW Forestry Inc. met and exceeded my expectations when I hired them to put on the 2013 forest compliance certification session to certify forest operations compliance inspectors. RW Forestry Inc. staff are professional, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right, on time and within budget. I would certainly hire RW Forestry Inc. again and recommend them for another government of Ontario contract or consulting services."

Neil Peterson, R.P.F.
Chair, Forest Compliance Certification Committee
Ministry of Natural Resources